Ladygrove Primary School & Nursery

Out of school is run from 3:15 until 5:45 Monday to Friday and costs £7 per child per session.

It is held in the demountable and is run by:

Miss Kathy Penny (Supervisor)

Mrs Sharon Morgan (Assistant)

Mrs Diane Hampton (Assistant)

Mrs Sharon Smith (Assistant)


When picking up your child/children please phone either 07874 219931  or 01952 388374. A member of staff will then bring them to the main office for you to sign them out.

The children are provided with a biscuit as they arrive and a snack at 4:30. They are able to help themselves to water or squash whilst attending the club.


They have access to two rooms which have a variety of different activities for them to enjoy. These include computers, music, board games, role play and drawing. When the weather is ok they also have access to the tyre park and top playground.