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Welcome to Class 1!

Welcome to Year 5! 

As a new class to the school we have welcomed many new faces as well as familiar ones, including our new teacher Mr Trusler and teaching assistant Miss Penny.



Children can earn "Golden Time" every Friday by reading at least 3 times each week and getting a parent/guardian to sign their Reading Diaries to show this. Progress with reading and homework will be checked on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays by Miss Penny.

Learning is engaging in Year 5 and Mr Trusler continually reminds us that ‘’attitude is more important than ability’’.

We use the Building Learning Power animals to be resourceful, reflective and resilient in when we are working and being a good team member is important to us.

Our learning is cross-curricular as far as possible, which helps us to make links across all the subjects and develop a depth of knowledge in our chose topic.

Every half term, Mr Trusler introduces a different topic with which we, as a class, immerse ourselves in.

Reading is at the heart of our learning and always linked to our topic. As a class, we enjoy sharing stories and developing our understanding of the text.


Homework is set weekly every Friday along with a spelling list to learn over the following week. We ask that this is completed before the following Friday. Homework may be set on Purple Mash as "2Dos" or independent research tasks. Each pupil has been given their own log in and can log in to complete any 2Dos as well as driving their own learning through a variety of interactive resources and games available. Children will be tested on their spelling words in school at least twice a week.

How did it feel to work in a coal mine? How has the coal mining industry changed over the years and does it have a future? Explore these questions and more in this special project about the coal industry and its impact on the UK. In this project, we will explore:
• the history of coal mining
• mining strikes and their effects on the miners, their families and communities
• the legacy and future of coal mining

Hello Year 5!

To help you keep your learning going I will be uploading weekly home activity sheets as well as useful links to projects and interesting videos for you to utilise. 

Please checkout our class page for weekly updates of links and activity sheets to have a go at.

Keep smiling and stay safe!

Mr Trusler

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Our solar system is made up of planets, moons and stars, but how many are there and what interesting facts can you find out about them? 

Research and explore our solar system and see what you can find out. During your exploration find the answers to the following questions:

  1.  How many planets, moons and stars are in our solar system?
  2. What is the closest orbiting planet to the sun?
  3. What is the furthest orbiting planet from the sun?
  4. Which planets are nearest to the Earth?
  5. Which is the biggest planet?
  6. What are our planets made of?
  7. Which planet has the highest maximum temperature?
  8. Which planet has the shortest day?
  9. Which planet has the most moons?
  10. What other 3 facts can you find out about each planet?

Below are some useful links to help you explore our solar system.


Can you make a model of our solar system? Use whatever materials you can spare at home to make your models and also have a go at drawing some of the planets. Here is a link with some examples of models of the solar system other children have made.



Welcome Year 5!

Here you will find English activities to have a go at whilst you are at home that will be uploaded on a weekly basis.

Many thanks,

Mr Trusler 

We allow staff time off to undertake union official duties, however we do not have any staff who are currently union officials.