School Policies

Please click on one of the policies below to view its contents. All policies are in PDF format.

If you require a paper copy of any information from the school's website, please contact the school office.


Filename Size Date
Charging and Remissions policy September 2019.pdf 339.9KB 06/08/2020
medicine policy June 2018 ( final).pdf 520.9KB 06/08/2020
Racists incident policy.pdf 189.5KB 06/08/2020
Admissions Policy September 19.pdf 294.8KB 06/08/2020
Accessibility Plan Equality Objectives 2019 - 20.pdf 341.2KB 06/08/2020
Equality policy November 2019.pdf 259.6KB 06/08/2020
Complaints policy 2020.pdf 304.0KB 06/08/2020
21-5-20 V4 FINAL VERSION TWSP Covid-19 Reopening Child Pr... 412.6KB 06/08/2020
Behaviour policy addendum COVID-19.pdf 363.8KB 06/08/2020
Home-school agreement April 2019.pdf 263.8KB 06/08/2020
Anti-bullying policy.pdf 445.8KB 06/08/2020
Educational vists 3.4MB 06/08/2020
ICT Login and Reasonable Use Policy 2020.pdf 230.7KB 06/08/2020
Intimate Care Policy 2020 1.pdf 422.1KB 06/08/2020
Medical needs policy June 2020.pdf 451.3KB 06/08/2020
Travel Policy.pdf 222.6KB 06/08/2020
Updated EAL Policy LG 2020.pdf 584.6KB 06/08/2020
Asthma Policy Sept 2020.pdf 1.1MB 28/10/2020
Behaviour policy September 2020.pdf 1.2MB 28/10/2020
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2020-21.pdf 715.2KB 28/10/2020
Ladygrove Attendance Policy_2020.pdf 922.6KB 28/10/2020
Mobile Phone Policy September 2020.pdf 730.0KB 28/10/2020
Social Media Policy 2020.pdf 702.2KB 28/10/2020
Suicide Intervention Policy 2020.pdf 710.9KB 28/10/2020
T W Model CiC policy.pdf 442.5KB 28/10/2020
Ladygrove return to school risk assessment Autumn 2020 up... 977.9KB 23/11/2020
Barring Parents from School October 2020.pdf 634.2KB 24/11/2020
Healthy Eating and Nutrition Policy 2020.pdf (1) 474.5KB 24/11/2020
SEND policy Nov 2020.pdf 836.4KB 24/11/2020
First Aid Policy June 2020.pdf 312.5KB 24/11/2020
CONFIDENTIALITY-POLICY-and-Statement-2020-21.pdf 498.8KB 02/02/2021
Supplementary Risk Assessment for Schools Spring term 04.... 606.4KB 15/03/2021
Ladygrove FOI.pdf 225.1KB 15/03/2021
E-Safety-Policy-March 2021 (1).pdf 294.4KB 15/03/2021